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In addition to a TECHNICALLY GOOD end result

Graphic Design

you want to get across the ESSENCE of your message


A strong logo is a representation of your company’s identity. Sometimes you achieve this by very literally making a logo of the name and other times by using certain colours and illustrations to express the desired atmosphere. Below you will find some examples of logos created by InSymbol. All have been developed in close collaboration with the client. Feel free to contact us if we can do anything for you in this regards.


What feeling and thoughts do you want people to get when they deal with your company? What atmosphere do you want to evoke with the image? What energy and symbolism do you want to capture in it? And… how do you implement this consistently?

Together we determine which style emphasizes your message. We then record this for you in a branding document so that you can easily stay consistent. Well-chosen use of shape, colour and font are powerful supporters of your message.

Huisstijl vormgeving

The document contains a general description of the atmosphere, colour, photo usage and information about the logo.

Huisstijl design

The carefully selected colour palette with the codes in RGB, CMYK and Hex is also included.

Design Gráfico

As well as a description of the fonts, size and color for your digital and printed expressions.


Despite the digital age in which we live, printed material still takes up a prominent place. We are happy to create your business cards, brochures, folders, posters, flyers and/or other desired printed matter for you.

Please find below some results from previous assignments:

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