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My name is Petra van den End, manager, coach and grafic designer, born in 1974. In 2019 I started as self-employed with my company InSymbol. At the time, in order to integrate graphical design alongside management and coaching, the concept of ‘renaissance soul’ helped me on my way. A renaissance soul unites diverse qualities under one umbrella, based on what he or she has to offer as a person.

Now, a few years, customers and precious life experiences down the road, InSymbol has been split into InSymbol Management & Coaching and its full-fledged brother/sister InSymbol Design. Thanks to Daniel’s technical web development skills and my creative graphic design skills, we can offer a complete professional expertise to our customers.


Hello, my name is Daniel dos Santos Leal. After 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and project manager in Portugal, I decided to explore the world a bit more. These travels led me to various corners of the world which have deepened my outlook on life. Along the way I was lucky enough to meet Petra, so that we can now continue this journey together.

Since we live in a constantly changing digital environment, I decided to refresh my previous knowledge in technical web development skills to make sure to be completely up to date again. With the latest tips and tricks at hand I add value to the technical side of the business and together we can offer a complete package to our customers.

Our office (and also home) is an attractively furnished Fiat Ducato. We work on our assignments from various places in Europe. If the customer is interested, we are happy to send a photo of the place where their logo, folder or website is created. Like for example, this beautiful spot in Spain where we built the Lokaal2 website:

Office when building Lokaal2 website

Would you like to not only get a high-quality end product, but also a product with a story? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will make it a special journey with a result that will certainly satisfy you.

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